Umajin SalesKit
Digitize your Sales Process


SalesKit is the solution for teleselling. It's an application for your PC or Mac supporting video conferencing and a portable app for smartphones and tablets.

With all the right information at your fingertips you can present and share with your customer. As well as capturing viewing details the app also automatically launches task automation within Salesforce. SalesKit makes it easy to follow the correct process and provide the customer with content, news and events during your meetings.


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Digitize your sales process

  • Enhance Salesforce with curated content, news and events that you can share with your customers over video conference or in person
  • Make any device your sales platform – native support on Windows, MacOS, iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Easily capture leads & share using the email builder
  • Never send the wrong version of a file thanks to live links
  • Share content easily via chat & social platforms
  • Keep analytics on usage
  • Easy to manage your content inside Salesforce

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Win more business with curated sales material, news and events

The Umajin SalesKit is easily installed from the Salesforce AppExchange. Once installed you can;

  1. Create one or more groups to organize your content
  2. Add File Asset links, News Article links and Event links to each group
  3. Add your company logo and color scheme
  4. Salespeople download the free app for their device
  5. Login using the standard Salesforce login!

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The solution for teleselling

Present: On any device, personalized and prepared
Updated: Always the latest - live links not static files
Record: Capture leads and activity into Salesforce
Feedback: Track content views in Salesforce
Live: Email content links during the video conference
Tasks: Easily trigger Salesforce task automation

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Designed to impress

The native app is designed so it can be used in front of a customer. Your content is front and center! One click to bring up any of the latest curated content, news and events.

Content, news and events can be categorized into separate groups so different product lines have their own space to shine. You can even use groups to separate different layers of content like retail vs reseller.